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The Coolest Measuring Spoon You’ve Ever Seen! | The Crowd Gadget Show

November 3, 2016

At the Crowd Gadget Show, the main topic of interest is gadgets that are trending, exceptional, and revolutionary in the crowdfunding space. Each Thursday, new three- to six- minute entertaining and informative videos are released featuring a new crowdfunding campaign so that we can all learn something from their successes (and failures).

This week at the Crowd Gadget Show, we review the Polygons, the flat 4-in-1 measuring spoon, is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs. Get yours on Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stillalive/polygons-the-flat-4-in-1-measuring-spoon

Thanks for watching, tune in next Thursday for more gadget talk!

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